The Relaunch of byDesign

With a revamped web experience, and the introduction of brand new, unlimited design plans.

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February 18, 2021

Since initially launching byDesign back in 2017, we’ve evolved quite a bit. Individually working with, inside, and alongside close to a hundred different startups over the last few years, we’ve slowly transitioned byDesign into what it is today.

From the jump, we’ve recognized how important branding and design is to the success of an early-stage business. Whether it’s your logo, or the messaging you use to communicate with your first customers, your brand and the way it’s visually represented is imperative to standing out in today’s crowded ecosystem. But with that has risen two fundamental problems.

  • Startups traditionally don’t want to spend their limited, precious capital on design because it can be too expensive and they don’t necessarily see the immediate value. Then resorting to spending basement pricing on Fiverr or UpWork to create their logo. This creates no consistency, no brand, and ultimately creates headaches down the line.
  • Agencies are expensive. Like insanely expensive. When you’re just starting out, $10,000 is a lot to build a brand. There are more important things to focus on or places where capital would be more valuable. But the value that a strategic agency brings to the table is next to none in the early stages.

That’s why we created our initial subscription plans. A way to accessibly access our creative and startup super-team, without spending an arm and a leg upfront. We’ve had success with these plans and have had the opportunity over the last few months to listen to our clients and understand what our next step would and should be.

Those months of feedback, brainstorming, and shaking up our team, has resulted in the launch of the new byDesign Monthly. The same strategic, consultative approach our team takes, now with unlimited graphic design.

We've always had the goal of being the foundation for startups to build upon. Combining our team’s experience in creative, marketing, branding, strategy, you name it, and bundling them together in a single subscription that helps startups and small businesses grow in every aspect of their business. We feel like this next chapter of byDesign Monthly will do just that.

With plans ranging from $495 to $1,595 a month, all will have access to unlimited graphic design with differentiators lying in the amount of byDesign Hours you need, turnaround times, access to a dedicated director, frequency of strategy calls, and more. Plans officially launch today.

We’re excited to take on this next chapter and continue to grow byDesign into what we believe it can be. These subscriptions are mission driven, with the goal of helping startups and small businesses be more successful, whatever that may mean to them. Adding value into their lives and into their businesses.

Celebrate a new decade, and the relaunch of byDesign, with 20% off your first month of byDesign Monthly. Use code 2020 at checkout.