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The Switch to Automatic Billing

A friendly reminder to all clients that the transition from manual monthly invoicing to automatic billing will be taking place on January 1st.

We wanted to update you on some billing changes coming to byDesign Monthly. Beginning on January 1st, we'll be switching all active subscriptions to automatic billing versus the current manual invoicing. If you renewal date is on January 1st or beyond, you will be automatically charged for your subscription on your renewal date.

So, what does this mean for you?

  • If you aren't already on automatic billing and currently manually pay your invoice through the Stripe invoice sent monthly, an automatic charge will now be made to your card on file every renewal date.
  • You will receive automatic reminders three days before your scheduled renewal date, reminding you of the upcoming charge.
  • There are still no contracts, commitments, or cancellation fees associated with your subscription. Reach out at least 24 hours before your scheduled renewal date if you need to make changes to your plan.
  • The best part: you'll no longer need to manually settle invoices on a monthly basis. One less thing to worry about!

If you have questions about this change or what it means for your company, feel free to reach out to your Success Manager or email us at

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