Top Five Tools Startups Should Be Using in June

byDesign's June picks for the best tools to use in your growing business.

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February 18, 2021

Were kicking June off with a bang. Every month, well highlight five tools, products, or resources that help you grow your business as a founder or make your life easier as a marketer. Without further ado, let's dive into it.


Copytesting is an audience research tool focused on website copy. It tells you what your target audience thinks of your website copy, gives you quantified data on where your copy falls short, and why. So you could fix it, and improve your conversion rate.

Copy has a bigger impact than you might think. Whether it's a landing page for your ad or your main homepage, the copy and content on your website plays an important role in selling your product or service. Problem is, it isn't always as straightforward as just typing something out and being complete. It takes constant optimization, refinement, and analytics to find the messaging that resonates most with your target customer. Corn/testing takes out the guesswork, puts it in front of potential customers, and gives you actionable feedback to make improvements.

Check out Copytesting here.

Email Mastery

A growing list of case studies, breaking down everything you need to know about email marketing. Learn how the best companies write email sequences, grow their list, handle segmentation, and much more!

Email marketing is one of those skills that's essential to anyone in the startup space. Whether it's putting together drip campaigns or sending a monthly newsletter to customers, there's plenty do's and Pont's. Whether you're a seasoned email marketing veteran, or just starting out, Email Mastery is a collection of resources and information, proving as a great launchpad.

Check out Email Mastery here.

...create beautiful, custom email signatures. Start with a template, change colors, fonts, spacing, add any amount of fields and rearrange them. Individuals can build a personal signature for free!

Brand consistency is the name of the game, and that extends to your email signature. Building an email signature is no longer complicated with With a few clicks, make a great looking email signature that's custom and can be applied across your entire team.

Check out here.


Untools is a curated collection of tools to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. Discover new thinking tools and how to use them.

Ironically, we're adding Untools, to the best tools of June. While we focus on execution, we're big believers in different decision and philosophy models here. As someone who's leading a business or the marketing charge, you're faced with important decisions everyday and have to turn difficult tasks into ordinary objectives. If you're ever stuck between a rock and hard place, or just want to expand your thinking toolkit, Untools is a great place to start.

Check out Untools here.


Cronycle is a SaaS application that provides an end-to-end collaborative information workflow for content curation, monitoring, organization, and publishing, for knowledge workers.

At byDesign, we're big fans of content marketing. But content marketing is one of those things that can be daunting and overwhelming. Even unmotivating because of the lack of immediate, tangible results. Especially as a marketer. Content marketing however is still critical and can be tum into long-term play that provides sustainable revenue. At the heart of content marketing, is well, content. And staying on top of it and organizing with your entire team can be a messy task. When we saw Croncycle, we knew it'd prove to be a useful tool for businesses that are just starting out on their content journey. Keeping things organized, curating new information, and collaborating with your team.

Check out Croncycle here.