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What Are Specialized Hours?

We break down what the byDesign Monthly Specialized Hours are, and how to best use them.

At the heart of everything we do here at byDesign, is our design. The pinnacle of our plans, the foundation of our work, and the fuel that ultimately drives more customers for your business. However, we understand that there's also a need to pair our design work with high-level marketing tasks, and that's why we include Specialized Hours on every one of our plans. Specialized Hours (ranging from two to twenty, depending on the plan you're on), allow you to utilize our startup and creative superteam to complete tasks such as putting together Facebook campaigns to designing email drip sequences and auditing your website. Here, we'll break down a few of potenial use cases of how you can use Specialized Hours, but feel free to check out all they can do at the link here.

Let's break down five examples of how you can use the Specialized Hours included with your plan!

Email Marketing Set Up

We'll work with you on setting email copy, content, and structure for your email campaigns. Whether you're just starting out on your email marketing journey, or are a seasoned veteran looking to expand their drip campaigns, our team has got you covered!

Digital Illustration

Illustration is something that isn't included with our unlimited graphic design, but is available for use with your Specialized Hours. Custom illustration can make your designs pop and really bring your brand to a new level when executed and used properly!

User Experience Design

Our team is full of user experience and user interface experts and are happy to help to jump in and audit your current user experiences, or design one from scratch. Let us understand your shortcomings and design ways to improve the flow and bring your interface design to life!

Content Strategy

Content strategy and marketing is one the most effective long-term marketing plays, but few companies actually do it because of the lack of immediate results. Let us set up a content system, map out your goals, and curate content on a monthly basis to help you create an awesome content strategy.

Website Edits

We love helping on the web side as well. Jumping into your existing web set-up, whether it's Squarespace or custom, we can make simple tweaks or edits to keep it fresh and up to your customer's standards.

If you have any questions on Specialized Hours or how we can help your business grow through the power of design, reach out to us! Again, for a full listing of what our Specialized Hours can do, check out the page here.

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