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The New byDesign Brand

As a company that exists to help drive customers by design, we've put a considerable amount of thought on how our brand should not only look, but also feel to the user.

As a company that exists to help drive customers by design, we've put a considerable amount of thought on how our brand should not only look, but also feel to the user. We create our logo simple enough to be interpreted by our customers. We want to be identified by our work and the value we provide, along with helping you realize the endless possibilities of creating together.

Our brand is not loud and it shouldn't be. Our style is created in a way that makes it approachable, yet carries a boldness that comes from being proud of what we do. We're aware of where we fit in the world and the exact power we have in catapulting companies to new heights — we're here to help you grow and bring your ideas to life.

The black and white essence with our box logo is not intense or jaw-dropping but it does serve a purpose. Though we believe in the marriage of both form and function, function should be the driving factor when it comes to strategic design, especially as it exists to serve a specific purpose in marketing oneself. We wanted to corporate the same feeling that comes from marveling at the blueprints before the beautiful building, the beauty of the sketches before the products we adore and use everyday. We're technical but not techies and we're creative but don't identify ourselves as "designers", per se.

Yes, we do design. But the things we create, we see as outcomes of ideating and doing. When it comes to ideation, we move methodically. We piece together the influences from the people, places and things that move us. From there, we create an aesthetically-pleasing, yet functional work that wins your customers over. You know that feeling when you look at a design or a piece of art and it just works? It's fluid and you can feel the flow within you — almost like you've meditated for 20 minutes and found peace. And on the flip side, you see things that don't work but you're not sure why. It has to do with balance, contrast, colors, rhythm and.. the point is: you don't have to worry about it because we take care of that for you. Why should you? You have a million other things to worry about. Delegate your projects to the right people and eliminate it from your working mind. Allow us to be the extension to your operating capacity.

We aim to streamline your process so the machine of your marketing can function optimally, or at least as close to that as humanly possible. From there, reaching more people through your increased efforts leads to more conversions. And ultimately, this leads to more revenue and growth of your business. byDesign as a company exists to empower others by being the workhorse. We operate by sacrificing one's need to be seen or acknowledged for the greater good of those it serves. We're behind the scene and that's why our brand doesn't have to look like what everyone thinks a brand should look like. We know our value and this value transcends outward into the world from within. And hopefully it circles back to our name. And that's "name", not brand or logo.

We're here to steer the ship with you in command.

The journey continues...Where to now, Captain?

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