The 5 Awareness Stages and Why You Need to Be "Aware" of Them in Your Marketing

Logan Deyo
Chief Executive Officer

If you aren't "aware" of the awareness stages of your content and touchpoints, you're losing.Putting content or messaging in front of people at the wrong awareness stage can be a big detriment. Each touchpoint with a lead (be it in B2B or B2C), should have an assigned awareness stage.

Here's the five...

1. Unaware

The lead has zero idea who you are, could care less about you or the problem you're solving, and spoiler: won't buy from you

2. Problem Aware

This is for leads that are fully aware that they have a problem. They feel the pain of said problem.

3. Solution Aware

These are for leads that are aware they have a problem, and know that solutions exist to solve their problem (but aren't aware of YOUR solution).

4. Product Aware

Leads who know they have a problem, know there are solutions, AND are aware that you are a solution to their problem. You aren't the only solution they're considering though.

5. Most Aware

These are the folks who know you are the solution to your problem. There are no other options for them and they're ready to buy.

When you use these awareness stages to frame your content, be it an email in a drip campaign or a specific landing page in your paid funnel, keep these in mind to tailor the messaging and content to the right person at the right moment!

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Logan Deyo
Logan is the co-founder and CEO of byDesign.

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