How byDesign Helped Barbell Medicine Scale Their Design

In a crowded fitness, nutritional, and supplement space, Barbell Medicine has leveraged byDesign for it's design needs.

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February 18, 2021

In a crowded fitness, nutritional, and supplement space, Barbell Medicine is an e-commerce brand and company that stands out among the masses. They do this through the simplicity in their core offerings: providing vetted and valuable content, no-nonsense supplements, and templates that aim to be the workout partner for thousands across the world.

While it may sound like a simple approach, the fitness and workout industry is saturated with bogus information, noise, and harmful products. Barbell Medicine is on a different path. Aiming to be a clinically-backed knowledge-base that happens to create awesome products for their global customers.

One of the challenges in providing value-driven content is the ability to distribute and communicate it visually and effectively. That's where design can play an important role in building trust for the brand, publishing content, and ultimately...looking good.

Mark Stanwyck is the Chief Marketing Officer of Barbell Medicine. Coming across one of our posts on Instagram, Mark immediately went to our site and called the number immediately.

In the past, Barbell had used some other variations of "design subscriptions." Without naming names, you could say that after working with them for a while, they found a pickle.

You see, one of the challenges with other design subscriptions is that there's no human element to what you're working. You fill in an input box, it gets sent to someone overseas who completes the request to a T, and sends it back to the client. And while you may think that works for you or your business, it doesn't. The designer has no handle on your brand, your business goals, what you plan on using the design for, or any context to determine if there's anything that could be added or subtracted from the design to make it more impactful.

And Mark faced a lot of those problems. In addition, designs lacked quality, turnaround time was slow, and revisions were painful. Especially when you're using some third-party propriety platform.

So when Mark called us, he immediately fell in love with the concept. A few months into working together, he dubbed byDesign as a company that provided, "design with a brain." Something others in the space lack.

When Mark signed on with us, one of the first we did was take a look at all his existing assets. Being able to baseline what the brand is currently running with, how their designs fit into the equation, and what the team liked and didn't like, allowed us to seamless plug into their design process and become integrated into their ecosystem.

With an emphasis on beefing up their Instagram game early on, we ran with two Instagram carousel projects which were both big hits on their platform. While we were diligently working through those design requests, Mark was able to use another one of the great features of byDesign Monthly: specialized hours. Using his hours, we were able to work together to formulate an influencer strategy for their upcoming ambassador program. After a few phone calls, research on byDesign's end, and pulling in previous real-world experience we were able to strategically aid in bringing together their ambassador objectives, all of the creative assets, posting schedules, and more.

Today, Barbell continues to utilize byDesign as creative and marketing sidekick, able to tackle projects that help them grow their brand and following, while continuing to push the industry boundaries.