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Finding Inspiration for Your Next Design Request

We're here to give you some quick ideas on what you can request next to make the most of your design subscription.

Having a full design team at your fingertips can sometimes be overwhelming. You may be asking yourself, where can I apply design to my business next? Well, we're here to give you some quick ideas on what you can request next to make the most of your design subscription.


Infographics work well for almost any industry and any business. Most consumers today are visual learners and there's no better way to explain your product or service. Information in an infographic is easily remember and makes what you do or what you're trying to explain, more digestible. We've seen infographics work well for complex solutions like in the biotech or healthcare space, but also even as inserts in consumer products packaging. They also prove great for SEO and in some cases, even establish your brand as knowledgeable in the industry.

Social Media Template

Social media is king nowadays, and there's no better way to instantly boost your street cred than improving your social media game. By requesting a few different templates that are on-brand, you're able to create the consistent look and feel across your social media channels which makes you appear more cohesive. You can use them templates to show off information, plug in quotes, or just share simple images.

Business Cards

There's no better way to make a good first impression than a slick business card. Make sure your business card communicates your brand and message effectively with a fresh new design. We can even help with different sizes, embossing options, and more. Send us your existing business cards to give it a facelift or simply pass along your information if you don't have any yet.

Digital Marketing Creative

If you plan on doing any digital marketing soon or even currently run campaigns, having good creative is essential to a successful campaign. Let us handle the work of generating the different sizes and putting together a creative package that can be used across your various digital marketing channels.

Presentation Template

If you haven't yet found the need to create a presentation, trust us, you will at some point in the near future. There's no better way to make a good impression while presenting that pitching with a cohesive and on-brand slide deck. Let us create a template that aligns with your brand, and can be re-used over and over in various different situations and settings.

If you're still struggling to find designs for your business, reach out to your design manager! They're always ready to find new and unique ways to utilize design in an effort to drive more customers and brand awareness to your business.

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