byDesign Workspace 2.0 is Launching October 28

Back in July we announced that behind-the-scenes work for byDesign Workspace 2.0 was underway. Today, we have a release date.

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October 21, 2021

Back in July we announced that behind-the-scenes work for byDesign Workspace 2.0 was underway. Today, it's with much excitement that we share an official release date: October 28, 2021.

We launched the original byDesign Workspace back in February — it was a welcome departure from an out-of-house system that bogged down our output. Eight months since the original launch, we're ready to bring things to a new level with the introduction of a new Workspace. One that's been built (and designed) completely from the ground up. Thanks in large part to the fantastic feedback our customers have provided us since the initial release.

In addition, there are many changes coming to not only byDesign Workspace, but byDesign as a whole. So let's cover those first.

New at byDesign: Introducing Marketing Strategy

byDesign is proud to be adding a new Specialist to the lineup. Welcome the Marketing Strategist. Much like you use Specialized Hours today, this new specialist will be available on-demand to help you formulate your strategy, be it micro or macro, giving you fresh ideas, strategic advice, and ways to maximize byDesign within your organization.

The Marketing Strategist will be rolling out through October 28, with a full rollout after the launch of Workspace 2.0.

New at byDesign: Improved Quality Assurance

We're doubling down on quality for both design and marketing-related deliverables. We're working with our Designers and Specialists internally to establish a first-touch checklist to run through before submitting deliverables. We're then introducing a new internal status state (invisible to you) titled Ready for Review, where your Success Manager will then run through a similar checklist to ensure accuracy and quality.

This double-take improvement will help us deliver better, quality results the first time around on your requests.

New at byDesign: Specialized Hours are Now Marketing Hours

Specialized Hours were confusing. So we've simplified it. They're just now called Marketing Hours.

New at byDesign: Updated Pricing and Plan Structure

We've heard lots of great feedback around our plan structure and are excited to introduce a revised plan and pricing structure that will be rolling out on October 28, 2021. All current clients will be grandfathered into their current plan for six months after October 28, 2021. Meaning new pricing will apply for subscribers who subscribed on or before October 27, 2021, through April 28, 2022.

The pricing will be streamlined into two core plans, Premium and Ultra. Premium offering a fixed number of hours, similar to how it is today, and Ultra shifting to unlimited hours (instead of being capped at twenty as it is today). These two plans also will allow you to purchase additional request slots (perfect for our agencies). Ultimately, giving you more output!

More details on pricing and plan updates will come closer to the rollout.

New in Workspace: Say Goodbye to Slack

This is an early prototype of Messages within byDesign Workspace 2.0.

In byDesign Workspace 2.0, you'll now have access to "Messages". This combines the experience of working with byDesign into one, singular application. Eliminating the need to learn Slack and check both applications for updates. Almost identical to your experience in using Slack today, you'll be able to message the entire byDesign team, get notifications when items are complete or we need more info, and more.

We'll have videos detailing and highlighting this feature in the coming weeks.

New in Workspace: Sub-Requests

A look into a renewed and refreshed request pop-up (also known as the Request Record).

In some cases, you may have had a request (like content) that needed to have multiple requests to complete. Think the copy for the content, the design, the actual calendar. But these seemed to get lost and it was hard to follow the progress of the full picture.

Each request now has the opportunity to create sub-requests. So when you're on a main request, you'll see all the associated sub-requests on it. Click into it to see a request pop-up, just like for the parent request.

We'll have videos detailing and highlighting this feature in the coming weeks.

New in Workspace: Recurring Requests

Success Managers can now set requests as recurring for either weekly or monthly instances. So you want a weekly SEO report, or a monthly content calendar. No longer will that have to be manually inputted as a request each time. It will just be created at the set interval!

New in Workspace: Enhanced Client Profile Module

The client profile pop-up's active Brand Assets tab view, where the entire internal team can access a customer's brand assets.

Internally, we'll now have a much, much more robust client profile module. Each Success Manager, Designer, and Specialist will all be able to access information like your brand archetype, value propositions, website, past requests, brand assets, notes from previous calls, and even all the various different tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar that you might have shared with us in the past. This will allow us to ask once and never again, plus ensure all the work we do is consistent and in-line with your goals and strategy.

New in Workspace: Wildly Improved Dashboard

A peek into an early prototype of the new dashboard for our clients, coming in byDesign Workspace 2.0.

The dashboard in 1.0 did the job, but didn't pack a punch. In 2.0, you'll be able to see a list view of the requests in a specific category and toggle between the tabs to see the list of requests in different statuses. This allows you to see it all versus just two requests a status.

In addition, on the right sidebar, you can see your plan details, you can now share your top three marketing goals for the month, and you'll also be able to see request suggestions based on previous requests you've made.

We'll have videos detailing and highlighting this feature in the coming weeks.

New in Workspace: Improved File Management

A peek into the new file preview coming in byDesign Workspace 2.0.
The improved file experience also comes with folders, where you can archive, download, and delete files with ease. Coming in byDesign Workspace 2.0.

We're eliminating Google Drive as we rebuild our AWS database to handle source files and larger file types. With this, you'll now have access to a "current" and "archived" folder within each request. Meaning you don't have to decipher which files are the most recent or most updated, and you can just focused on the final design file versus the source file.

We'll have videos detailing and highlighting this feature in the coming weeks.

New in Workspace: So Much More

There are literally hundreds of improvements and new features in Workspace 2.0, and we can't wait for you to get to experience them. Workspace 2.0 doesn't only mark the launch of a new application, but it marks the launch of an overhaul of our company as a whole. We're building to be better, provide more value, and be a long-term partner for all of your marketing needs.

Below, you'll find some snippets of each expected features that will launch in byDesign Workspace 2.0 on release as well as throughout Q4.

  • Workbooks within Workspace will allow you to fill out your answers directly in Workspace instead of having to fill out a PDF and scan it back.
  • Email and text notifications custom to what you want like if a request is complete or you have a new message.
  • Ability to update payment information directly within Workspace.
  • Provide direct feedback (be it that you need a revision or are satisfied) on each request before marking as done, giving you the control to mark as complete instead of us.
  • Share your marketing goals with us on a monthly basis so our entire team can be aligned and help you work towards them however we can.
  • and so much more...

Stay tuned as we release more info leading up to launch! The product team is excited to see how byDesign Workspace 2.0 can enhance the relationship and value we provide our customers.