Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of byDesign Monthly

With tons of perks and benefits, we break down some of the most important features to utilize.

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February 18, 2021

byDesign's signature plans pack a lot of punch when it comes to value. From getting discounts on legal services, to getting help with your Wordpress website edits, our plans can be considered a toolbelt for any entrepreneur or company. With so much included, this article is meant to highlight some of the key features and best practices for getting the most out of your new (or existing) byDesign Monthly plan.

1. Utilize Your byDesign Hours

You may not know this, but every plan we offer comes with something we like to call byDesign Hours (or Specialized Hours as they're shifting to). While our main priority with each of our plans might be that unlimited graphic design, we also consider our team specialists in other areas of startups as well. Whether that's digital marketing, web development, or just general consultation, your bundled byDesign Hours can be used for various specialized tasks not within the realm of graphic design. To check out byDesign's wide scope of other services, check out this page here. If you've got something you need help with, just message your creative director inside your Slack channel and we'll start working on a plan to get moving on it!

2. Be Specific With Design Requests

This one is important for two reasons. Our process is built on making it right the first time. From brand audits, gathering previous visual assets, and interviews, we want to make sure that our designs plug into your needs as quickly as possible. Being specific with your needs helps us achieve that goal. When you tell us the exact look, feel, give us inspiration, file formats, etc., it enables us to get it right the first time around, resulting in quicker turnaround times for you and your business! In addition, our graphic design may be unlimited, but with one active project at a time, the quicker we can turn projects around, the more projects you can complete! Things that are helpful when aiming to be more specific: provide previous work, any inspiration that you like, the exact dimensions you need, the content and copy (if applicable), and any file formats.

3. Download Slack On Your Phone

Some startups are completely familiar with Slack and use it for their existing day-to-day operations, others' first experience with it might when signing on to byDesign. We use Slack because it allows the most seamless, and real-time communication around. In addition, it allows you to submit design requests, ask questions from your design director, and receive access to your files instantly. For lots of clients, their first interaction might be with the Slack website and just using that. We recommend downloading the Slack app on your phone though. In today's changing environment though, we're constantly on the go, and communication in a timely manner is key. Slack's mobile application lets you chat with us on the go and receive notifications instantly, whether you're away from the computer grocery shopping or on a cross-country trip. Slack is available in both Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play Store.

4. Don't Forget About Strategy Calls

Strategy calls are an integral part of the cohesiveness of byDesign Monthly. These thirty-minute calls are used to realign on your business goals and talk about where we can improve and where your needs might be for the upcoming term. Depending on your plan, you have anywhere from a monthly to weekly call, all with the goal of helping us bring you more value to your business. Your first strategy call will be completed when you finish and submit the onboarding questionnaire, with reminders in your Slack with a link to schedule follow-up ones.

5. Use Us as a Soundboard

Beyond the services we offer, it's important to realize that we aren't like other design subscriptions, or truthfully, really any other designers. What makes us different is our one-on-one, human approach to design. We've been around the block and have frequently been in the same situations that you're facing today. Whether it's raising money, developing your social strategy, or learning about application development, we try to be as accessible as (humanly) possible. Slack is there to serve as that communicator, so use it as often as you like! Unlike other platforms that use a propriety dashboard where you hear from your designer every few days, we're here seven days a week to answer any and all questions, don't be shy!

Overall, byDesign Monthly has a ton to offer, but our team wanted to give you a few tips on making the most of each month. Outside of just some of the benefits listed above, you can check out our monthly page here to look over all the benefits our plans offer, and if you aren't a part of the family yet, sign up.