6 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Landing Pages

In this blog post we will share 6 simple ways that you can optimize your landing pages.

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September 13, 2021

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, your landing pages might be the most important part of your website. These pages are the first things that people seek out when visiting your site, and if you want them to make a purchase or sign up for something, saying that these pages need to look appealing is an understatement. In this blog post we will share 6 ways that you can optimize your landing pages.

Keep It Simple

Clearly articulate the value of what is being offered to the visitor in a way that doesn't over-inform. One thing you don’t want to do when introducing a prospective customer to your brand for the first time is to overload them with information that is in addition to the information they were originally seeking. Spend more time on refining copy and choosing visuals that communicate your message effectively.

Dial in on the main point of the page and focus on centering everything around that value proposition. First and foremost, optimize your headline to directly address your audience’s concerns. This is your chance to capture their attention and relate to them. Once you do these two things, they’ll be more open to read on — which is the first step to conversion. 

Evoke Trust with Social Proof

This can be done a number of ways - finding a way to showcase how many users have bought your products, displaying positive customer testimonials with pictures of certifiable customers. You may also consider finding a way to cite verifiable sources to vouch for your brand or product — think of "as seen on" or "featured in" banners as ways to help your reputation precede you.

Utilize the Visual Aspect

Images are an easy way to make your landing page more viscerally and emotionally appealing. Pictures are an effective tool in providing context to an audience. That context then helps customers visualize themselves using your product or service. You will often find that people don't want to be told how to enjoy a product as often as they want to be shown. 

Maintain Their Attention

Again, limit the amount of information you give the website visitor. The average human attention span does not last long these days. Imagine you have 8 seconds to capture your consumers’ attention and get them to complete an action for you. Keep the focus clear and avoid distractions that don’t really help the decision-making. For example- you may think this really cool picture of you and your team would look nice on the landing page, but if it isn’t connected to a certain purpose, save it for another page on your website. Show them just enough information to make them want to click on the CTA.

Don’t Forget About Mobile!

With more users on their phone for online activity than their computers these days, the need to be fully responsive for mobile is more important than ever. Investing in a responsive design can increase your chances of conversion with the amount of users you’re reaching.

In Conclusion

Minimize to maximize! Keep your landing pages as clean and concise as possible — and don't be afraid to test!