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Specialized Hours

What are specialized hours?

Specialized Hours are the brains behind the scenes that complement the design work we do. They're included in every plan. Whether it's digital marketing or UX, they've got your back.

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Examples of Use

Here's what our creative superteam is capable of.

Here's a listing of examples of how Specialized Hours can be used.

General Marketing

  • General Marketing Strategy Development
    Customer funnel development and exploration. Establishing strategies for tapping into currently available demand via paid and organic methods, then subsequently cultivating demand.

    Multi-channel paid marketing strategy development focused on paid search and paid social. Paid search platforms include Google and Bing. Paid social platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin (B2B).

    Creative assets ideation for paid marketing (social media, Google display ads, and YouTube).

    Thematic ad copy development.
    6 to 12 Hours

  • Paid Search, Paid Social, and Google Display Network
    Campaign set up and execution across all of these channels.
    8 to 10 hours Monthly

  • Email Marketing Consultation
    Our team can help identify the best email provider for your needs, work within your budget, and find out your goals as it relates to email marketing.
    3 to 4 Hours

  • Email Marketing Set Up
    We'll help you set up drip campaigns, put in place email collection forms, and more.
    4 to 7 Hours

  • Copywriting
    Our copywriter can help bring your emails, website copy, or advertisement messages to life.
    5 to 8 Hours

Social Media

  • Instagram Audit
    Will outline areas for potential improvements such as content design, content value, caption value, hashtag usage, engagement levels, insight analysis, etc.
    2 to 3 Hours

  • Instagram Growth Strategy Session
    Will explain best practices and tips and tricks for Instagram growth and increasing genuine engagement.
    2 Hours

  • Instagram Content Strategy
    Will cover tips for improving content aesthetic as well as message and value. Will also help discover and / or condense their value into 3-5 key pillars.
    3 to 4 Hours

  • Social Media Strategy
    Will help formulate a social media strategy, put in place automation tools for planning, and consult on opportunities to provide content.
    5 to 8 Hours Monthly


  • User Experience Consultation
    We'll talk through your challenges as it relates to your user experience and how to best solve them.
    5 to 8 Hours

  • User Experience Design
    We'll help map out and design the user experience for your product, service, or company.
    8 to 12 Hours

  • User Interface Design
    We can design the UI for your application, both on web and mobile.
    15 to 20 Hours

Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy
    We'll help you develop a content marketing strategy, one of the best long term ways to acquire consistent leads.
    8 to 12 Hours

  • Content Creation & Curation
    We'll help you formulate, ideate, and plan out your content to accompany your content marketing strategy.
    9 to 12 Hours Monthly

  • Content System Set Up
    We'll work on creating a system to effectively manage and run your content strategy.
    3 to 4 Hours


  • Website Tracking Set Up
    Setting up various tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, etc.
    1 Hour

  • Design Optimization Consultation
    Consulting for optimizing your website and improving the customer acquisition flow.
    2 to 3 Hours

  • Website Edits & Simple Design
    We can make simple edits or design tweaks to your already existing website.
    3 to 5 Hours


  • Brand or Style Guide Audit
    We'll go through your existing brand or style guide and recognize areas of immediate improvement across your brand.
    3 Hours

  • Style Guide Assembly
    If you have all your assets in place, but not yet a clear style guide, we'll help put one together for you.
    3 to 4 Hours


  • Digital Illustration
    This could be anything from people to products.
    1 to 2 Hours

  • Digital Calligraphy
    Receive custom type on various different projects.
    1 Hour


  • Developing Processes
    Processes are what helps grow things at scale. We can help develop them.
    3 to 9 Hours

  • Identity & Principles Consultation
    Culture is at the heart of everything, so we'll work with you on identifying ways to instill an identity and principles across your team.
    5 to 10 Hours

  • Operations & Organization Audit
    We'll audit your current operational structure and identify ways to improve efficiency across the organization.
    3 to 5 Hours

  • Automation Consultation
    Automation can save hundreds of hours. Let us find ways to automate tedious tasks.
    3 to 5 Hours

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Whether you're looking to scale your design needs, help with day-to-day marketing, or refine your brand. Our team has been there.

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