What can you expect with byDesign?

That's a great question. We'll explain how byDesign works, what you can expect in your first few days, and what you can expect in working with us day-to-day.


Hey, there. We're byDesign. It's great to meet you.

byDesign helps small marketing teams do more, with on-demand marketing talent and unlimited design — all through a fixed-rate monthly subscription. For small teams, there’s a million and one things to do. That’s where we come in. Making it easy to scale your marketing at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house or dealing with the headaches of freelancers.

Every byDesign plan comes with the following...

  • Unlimited graphic design and revisions.
  • Specialized Hours, which you can learn more about here.
  • Strategy Sessions to understand your goals and talk through projects.
  • A dedicated Success Manager.
  • Your very own Slack channel.
  • Access to the byDesign Workspace.

Learn more about what these all mean on our pricing page.


What would the day-to-day look like working with byDesign?

Our goal is to help small marketing teams (whether that's five people on the marketing team or zero), scale their marketing output. With byDesign, you're able to instantly increase your marketing output, while being able to tap into various specialties.

Everything we do is on-demand. We aim to be an extension of your business. Think of your business and marketing team as the ship. You're the captain, and we're the crew, helping you get to where you want to be and executing the work based on your direction!

byDesign Workspace

The new byDesign Workspace.

When you sign up with byDesign, you instantly get access to the byDesign Workspace. This is where you're able to create requests, manage your account, schedule Strategy Sessions, access your files and more.

  • View all of your upcoming, in-progress, and completed requests in both a Dashboard view and Project Board view.
  • Get a quick glimpse into your Specialized Hours usage and how many Strategy Sessions you’ve used on the month.
  • Quickly create a Graphic Design request or Specialized Hours request, by filling out some quick questions.
  • Schedule a call directly with your Success Manager or any one of the Specialists on the byDesign team to talk through specific projects or your goals.

The byDesign Workspace is the home of everything you do working with us.