About byDesign

Built out of a passion to help small marketing teams and growth-stage companies scale their marketing, without the headaches associated with it.

Meet byDesign.

A team filled with innovators, creatives, and thinkers.

Logan Deyo


Co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Leads marketing, operations, and product.

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Peter Bae


Co-founder and CDO (Chief Design Officer). Leads HR, sales, and client success.

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Amy Koffsky

Head of Client Success

Amy is a Success Manager and has years of experience in creative and account management.

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Jasmine Yang

Data Analyst

Jasmine helps examine analytics such as Mixpanel or Google Analytics to identify trends for clients.

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Sabrina Rusli

Web & UX Designer

Sabrina has experience in various web CMS tools and designing UX for large enterprise companies.

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Laurie Kokoruda

Email Strategist

Laurie has eight years of marketing experience, helping clients achieve results through email.

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Camille Miguel

Senior Designer

Camille is a senior designer on the byDesign team and has years of experience.

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Nicolo Gomez

Senior Designer

Nicolo is a senior designer on the byDesign team and has years of experience.

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Our Values

These are the values that byDesign leads with both internally and externally to ensure there's successful clients and a team who loves the work they do.

Great Client Experience

Our primary goal is to provide a service worth calling home about. From getting quality execution to quality customer service, we strive for gold day in and day out.

Empower People to Do More

The people are the arms and legs of a business so we work together and empower one another to get to the finish line.

Working Together for Better Outcomes

Saying it this way makes more sense than just stating "collaboration". When it comes to creating better solutions, we believe that 1+1=3.

Be Curious and Seek Objective Truth

We're constantly reinforced that leading with curiosity can be a wonderful thing. It just so happens to reveal the objective truths that help us make better decisions.

Standard of Excellence in All We Do

From communication, working with people, executing on objectives, and even washing the dishes (really), we strive for gold every time. A bunch of Try-hards, huh? You bet.

Communicate with Clarity and Intention

Everyday, countless words spill out of our mouths (or fingers). With the intention to be clear and concise, we achieve alignment and perform even greater work together.

What We Believe In

Our Mission

Our mission at byDesign is to make marketing more accessible for small marketing teams and early-stage companies. By democratizing access, we enable companies to more efficiently grow, acquire more customers, and reach their goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is two-fold. To democratize access to marketing talent, while also empowering the future of the marketing workforce to build skills, work flexibility, and work with amazing companies from around the world.

Our Partners